Living with Dementia at a Younger Age


DEEP Dementia Voices Group

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A warm welcome to the “Young Onset Dementia in Worcestershire” website.


This site is being developed to provide information and advice for:

  • People living with young onset dementia.
  • Family members, carers and supporters of younger people living with dementia.
  • Staff who work with younger people with dementia, their families and supporters.
  • People who have concerns about their own or another’s difficulties and would like to know more.
  • Other professionals and care staff.

There are at least 300 people currently living with dementia at a younger age in Worcestershire.

Dementia is generally considered to be “young onset” when symptoms begin before a person reaches 65 years of age. However, as getting a diagnosis is not always straightforward people may not receive a diagnosis until after their 65th birthday. Age is not the only relevant factor when understanding what we mean by “young onset dementia”, as younger people may also:

  • Experience less common forms of dementia (other than Alzheimer’s disease).
  • Still be working.
  • Have other life experiences and needs that mean the support needed is different to that required by people with a diagnosis of dementia at an older age.
  • Be experiencing inexplicable behavioural changes.

In these webpages you will find some general information and, where possible, information about resources and support local to Worcestershire. You will also find links to other websites . What we aim to do is provide you with links to websites that contain useful and relevant information about each topic, because we know that it can be confusing to search for information on the internet. However, we cannot guarantee the reliability or veracity of the content of these webpages.

We do hope that this website will be of value to you in meeting your requirements for information and advice. It is important that all our visitors feel confident and well-supported, so please explore the links provided that may be relevant to your particular needs. If you do not find the information you need, please contact us using the links provided.