Progressive non-fluent Aphasia

Progressive non-fluent aphasia (PNFA) is a form of frontotemporal dementia which affects only a small percentage of those who have dementia. PNFA causes problems with the expression of language; consequently people who have PNFA may experience difficulties with;

  • Producing speech, it can seem to be a great effort to produce a sentence
  • Pronouncing words
  • Grammar, for example using past instead of present tense
  • Missing out words such as and, or, but and I from sentences

Further information about PNFA can be found here This factsheet contains information about the nature of the difficulties that people experience as well as providing further information on;

  • How it is diagnosed
  • Progression
  • Does it run in families
  • Treatment

There is also a PPA support group in the UK; The website for this group provides further information about PPA and also films some of the presentations from the support group meetings.