Working with YOD

Welcome to the Worcestershire Young Onset Dementia webpages. These webpages have been developed in order to provide information and advice for staff in Worcestershire to assist them in working with younger people living with dementia and their families.

With the most recent Dementia UK report (Alzheimer’s Society 2014, 2nd edition) it is estimated that over 42,325 people live with young onset dementia in the UK. This means that it is likely that at least 350 people and their families live with dementia at a younger age in Worcestershire. Young onset dementia is usually when symptoms have begun before the age of 65. Because some people experience difficulties for a considerable time before they receive a diagnosis, they may be over 65 years of age before a diagnosis is achieved.

The needs of younger people with dementia and their families are frequently significant and often different from people experiencing dementia later in their lives. These differences include

  • the life stage at which the dementia occurs;
  • that younger people frequently experience less common forms of dementia;
  • And the impact upon the wider family, which may also include dependent children and young people.

Consequently, it is important that staff feel confident and well supported to do this work. It is hoped that this site will provide all who access it with the opportunity to learn more about young onset dementia and where to access further support and information.