UK Organisations

UK Organisations providing services for people living with dementia, family members and supporters

A number of national UK organisations provide information and advice to people who live with dementia at a younger age. You can find brief information below about these organisations together with a link to their websites.

  • Young Dementia UK is committed to providing information and support to younger people with dementia, their families, friends and supporters.  They have a website which provides extensive information specifically for people living with young onset dementia and their families. They also seek to advocate for the needs of younger people living with dementia and their families at a National Level. In addition they currently provide support to people who live in the Oxfordshire area, in the form of one-to-one services, cafés, family support and social events. Young Dementia UK


In addition, the Alzheimer’s society provide an online forum, talking point which may be of value to younger people with dementia and their families.

The Alzheimer’s Society


  • University College London offers a website that provides information on research and clinical services for people with dementia. A lot of this information is focused on less common/ rarer forms of dementia which more frequently occur in younger people. This includes primary progressive aphasia, frontotemporal dementia and familial Alzheimer’s disease. The website includes information about a number of national support groups for these less common forms of dementia.

University College London


  • FTD Talk seeks to provide accessible information on the different types of frontotemporal dementia, including updates on recent research.

FTD Talk


  • The FTD support group provides information and support for people living with FTD and their families. This includes face-to-face support groups in certain parts of the UK and a yearly conference hosted in London at University College London.


UK organisations that support people affected by dementia of any age or advocate for people with dementia

There are also a number of organisations that provide support to people affected by dementia at any age or advocate for people with dementia. These include;

  • The Dementia Action Alliance brings together organisations across England committed to transforming the lives of people with dementia and their carers.


  • Dementia UK provides specialist dementia nurses who provide practical and emotional support families affected by dementia called Admiral Nurses. They also provide a specialist telephone helpline for families called Admiral Nursing Direct. Dementia UK can be accessed via the link below. For Admiral Nursing Direct, please call 08452579406 or email [email protected]

Dementia UK


  • Innovations in Dementia is a community interest company who work nationally with people with dementia, partner organisations and professionals to develop and test projects that will enhance the lives of people with dementia. The outcomes from these projects will influence approaches to dementia care and support in order that they are more creative, positive and enabling. Innovations in Dementia work collaboratively with people with dementia in all their work. If you are interested in finding out more please contact them by email on [email protected] or call 01392 420076. You can also find out more by looking at their website



  • The Lewy Body Society seeks to fund research into dementia with lewy bodies. Their website provides information to people living with dementia with lewy bodies and their families.

Lewy Body Society


  • Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD) Although many people with these conditions are not referred to Mental Health Services and are often seen within Neurology Services, this UK based website provides information that can help with understanding these conditions.

PSP Association