Dementia: an overview


The term dementia is an ‘umbrella’ term. It is used to refer to a common set of symptoms which are caused by different disease processes that affect the way our brain works. As individuals, there are many different factors that are likely to affect how we live with dementia; these include our life history, our health and our strengths. But it is also important to understand the impact of dementia upon our brains in order that we can find ways of coping.

Different forms of dementia affect our brains differently. For example Alzheimer’s disease initially affects our temporal lobes, which govern different functions including our memory for recent events. Consequently, it is helpful to understand how the brain works in order to understand the impact of different forms of dementia on our everyday lives. The following link explains how the brain works and the specific functions of different aspects of our brain.

The second link below also helps us to understand how dementia affects the different parts of our brains.

These two clips offer a basic introduction. For more detailed information, we suggest that you begin by talking with your doctor or another health care professional, particularly if you have questions concerning the specific impact of dementia for you or a family member and how this affects daily life.